La Crosse County, Wisconsin

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Criminal Justice Management Council
criminal justice executive committee

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December 19th December 19th
November 21st November 21st
October 17th October 17th
September 19th September 19th
August 15th August 15th
July 18th
June 20th June 20th
May 16th, Addendum May 16th
April 18th April 18th
March 21st March 21st
November 16th November 16th
October 19th October 19th
September 21st September 21st
August 17th August 17th
August 10th
July 20th, Addendum July 20th
July 13th July 13th
June 15th June 15th
June 8th Executive June 8th Executive
May11th Executive May 11th Executive
April 20th April 20th
April 13th Executive April 13th Executive
March 16th March 16th
March 9th Executive March 9th Executive
February 16th February 16th
February 9th Executive February 9th Executive
January 19th January 19th
January 12th Executive January 12th Executive
December 8th Executive December 8th Executive
November 17th November 17th
November 10th Executive November 10th Executive
October 20th
October 13th Executive October 13th Executive
September 8th Executive September 8th Executive
August 18th August 18th
August 11th Executive August 11th Executive
July 21st July 21st
July 14th Executive July 14th Executive
June 16th June 16th
June 9th Executive June 9th Executive
May 19th May 19th
May 12th Executive May 12th Executive
April 21st April 21st
April 14th Executive April 14th Executive
March 17th March 17th
March 10th Executive March 10th Executive
February 17th February 17th
January 20th January 20th
January 13th Executive January 13th Executive


Updated:   03/06/2013