La Crosse County, Wisconsin

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Land Conservation

Zoning, Planning & Land Information**
N. Sampson ** Includes MPO

Register of Deeds
County Surveyor
B. Meyer

University Extension

Planning, Resources and Development Committee

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December 3rd Amended

December 3rd, Public Hearing

November 27th Viewing Tour
October 29th

October 29th, Public Hearing

October 23rd Viewing Tour
October 1st

October 1st, Public Hearing

September 25th

September 4th

September 4th, Public Hearing

August 28th Viewing Tour
July 30th

July 30th, Public Hearing

July 25th Viewing Tour
July 2nd

July 2nd, Public Hearing

June 26th Viewing Tour
June 21st

June 21st

June 4th

June 4th, Public Hearing

May 30th Viewing Tour
May 22nd Special Meeting

May 22nd Special Meeting

May 7th Special Meeting

May 7th Special

April 30th

April 30th, Public Hearing

April 25th Viewing Tour
April 2nd

April 2nd, Public Hearing

March 28 Viewing Tour
February 27th

February 27th, Public Hearing

February 22nd Viewing Tour
January 30th

January 30th, Public Hearing

January 25th Viewing Tour
January 3rd

January 3rd, Public Hearing




December 28th Viewing Tour
December 12th
November 28th November 28th, Public Hearing
November 23rd Viewing Tour
October 31st Zoning Ordinance
October 31st October 31st, Public Hearing
October 26th Viewing Tour
October 17th Sign Ordinance
October 5th October 5th
October 3rd October 3rd, Public Hearing
September 28th Viewing Tour
September 21st September 21st
September 20th
August 29th, Public Hearing, Public Hearing Amended   August 29th, Public Hearing at 1:30 pm, Sign Ordinance Hearing, Public Hearing at 6:00 pm
August 24th Viewing Tour
August 1st August 1st, Public Hearing
July 27th Viewing Tour
July 5th July 5th, Public Hearing
May 31st May 31st, Public Hearing
May 25th Viewing Tour
May 2nd May 2nd, Public Hearing
April 27th Viewing Tour
April 4th April 4th, Public Hearing
March 30th Viewing Tour
February 28th Amended February 28th, Public Hearing
February 23rd Viewing Tour
January 31st January 31st, Public Hearing
January 26th Viewing Tour
January 3rd

January 3rd, Public Hearing

December 29th Viewing Tour
November 29th November 29th, Public Hearing
November 24th Viewing Tour
October 25th October 25th, Public Hearing
October 20th Viewing Tour
October 4th October 4th, Public Hearing
September 29th Viewing Tour
August 30th August 30th, Public Hearing
August 25th Viewing Tour
August 2nd, Amended August 2nd, Public Hearing
July 28th Viewing Tour
June 28th June 28th, Public Hearing
June 23rd Viewing Tour
June 1st June 1st, Public Hearing
May 26th Viewing Tour
May 26th
May 3rd May 3rd, Public Hearing
April 28th Viewing Tour
March 29th March 29th, Public Hearing
March 24th Viewing Tour
March 1st March 1st, Public Hearing
February 24th Viewing Tour
February 1st February 1st, Public Hearing
January 27th Viewing Tour
January 4th January 4th, Public Hearing


Updated:   02/14/2013