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"The best interests of the residents, the facility, and the employees are identical"  

Welcome to Lakeview Health Center and Assisted Living Campus!



We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our continuum of long term supports and services.  Lakeview Health Center & Assisted Living offers nursing home & assisted living options in West Salem, WI. Whether an individual needs crisis stabilization, a monitored or secured environment, short term care or long term supports, our campus can provide an appropriate treatment option.

Recognized across the region, our staff of compassionate caregivers have clinical expertise to effectively support people with complicated behavioral symptoms.  We work in conjunction with our medical staff and on-site psychiatric practitioners to assist all residents with their ongoing health care needs.

Designed in a household model, Lakeview Health Center & Assisted Living offers many amenities to create an atmosphere like home, including single rooms/bathrooms, household spas & laundry rooms, dining rooms, community kitchens, and courtyards designed for enjoyment of the great outdoors. 

To find out more about our services or to discuss admission criteria, please call 608-612-0637.



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Mission Statement
"The best interests of the residents, the facility, and the employees are identical"

Commitment to provide excellent care and rehabilitation while respecting the dignity and rights of individuals who have physical, cognitive, and mental health needs.

Dedication to employ competent, conscientious staff and provide opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.Lakeview Health Center and Assisted Living recognizes that personal and professional growth promotes excellence in care.

Educational resource to the community in the provision of care for persons with physical, cognitive, or mental health needs.

Service to residents of La Crosse County and extended Wisconsin communities in cooperation with other health related agencies.

All persons accessing Lakeview Health Center and Assisted Living will be treated with the same dignity and respect and be able to utilize our services, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, sex, disability or other protected classes.


Wanda Plachecki, AdministratorErica Schultz, Director of Nursing
Phone: 608-612-0640608-612-0645







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If you need immediate assistance please call:
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Lakeview Health Center and Assisted Living
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