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La Crosse County’s vision is to establish ourselves as a fully connected community that provides access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet to all!





Your experience with internet matters in Wisconsin! Help us shape the future of internet services in Wisconsin by participating in our WISER survey.

This survey allows us to better understand your internet service needs and barriers so we can work to ensure all households in Wisconsin have access to high-speed internet.

Click the following link to participate in the WISER survey, or call 608-261-6026 to take it via phone, and help us ensure all parts of Wisconsin have access to high-speed internet: https://maps.psc.wi.gov/apps/WISER/index.html


Steps we have taken to date:

  1. In the Spring of 2023, La Crosse County became certified through the Wisconsin Public Service Commission as a Broadband Forward! and Telecommuter Forward! Community. In a nutshell, these certifications did two things:

    1. Provides Internet Services Providers the confidence that La Crosse County has established systems and infrastructure to ensure timely and seamless permitting and approval processes for infrastructure development/improvement projects.
    2. Provides all parties a primary point of contact at La Crosse County for anything related to broadband. This point of contact is Sam Bachmeier, Community Development Specialist, (608) 785-5792 or [email protected]

  2. Formed the La Crosse County Broadband Committee – this committee’s role will be to conduct stakeholder engagement, provide direction to staff and internet services providers, identify barriers and opportunities, and among other responsibilities, report to the full County Board of Supervisors.

  3. Engaged with the State of Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) – La Crosse County has opted-in to participate in the Wisconsin PSC’s BEAD Local Planning Program. La Crosse County’s efforts will provide the Wisconsin PSC with vital information they need to develop state-wide strategies and plans.


Stay involved!

If you would like to stay involved, please input your name and email address in the below boxes.