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Mediation and Family Court Services


Mediation and Family Court Services

Why did the Judge send us to Mediation?

The Judge sent you to mediation because you have a dispute regarding child custody and parenting time. The Judge wants you and the other parent to have the chance to cooperate and resolve problems involving the care of your children.

Can I attend Mediation without going through a Judge?

Yes, if you have a case in La Crosse County Family Court, you can request mediation if you need help in resolving a problem with custody or parenting time. Fill out the Referral Form and return to Mediation and Family Court Services or the Family Court Commissioner. The Family Court Commission will issue a mediation order for both parents to attend an initial information and assessment session which is FREE. If both parents wish to continue with mediation after the initial session, each parent must pay $100 to the Clerk of Courts which covers additional mediation for up to 2 years.

What happens if we reach an agreement in Mediation?

If you reach a full or partial agreement in mediation, Mediation and Family Court Services will draft an informal letter of agreement.  If the parties wish to add this to their Family Court file, they need to file additional documents with the Court.  

What happens if we do not reach an agreement in Mediation?

If you do not reach an agreement, Mediation and Family Court Services will report to the Judge that you participated in mediation, but no agreement resulted.

Who can attend the Mediation appointment?

Typically, the parents and the mediator are the only people included in mediation; however the mediator may include other parties under certain circumstances.

Do I need to bring any documentation with me to the appointment?

Since mediation is confidential and geared towards problem solving, there is no need to provide evidence or documentation unless requested by your mediator.  However, if there is a court order limiting contact between the parents or a protective or restraining order, please contact Mediation and Family Court Services immediately and provide a copy of the order.

  • What if I have concerns about safety?

If you have concerns about physical safety from participating in any of our services, please call Mediation and Family Court Services at 608-785-6162 immediately.