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County Board

Land Information Council

The Land Information Council (LIC) shall be composed of not less than 8 members meeting on an as-needed basis and are office or position holders for La Crosse County, or appointments by the County Board Chair confirmed by the County Board. LIC members include the County Register of Deeds, County Treasurer, and the Real Property Lister or their designees and appointments include a County Board Member, a representative of the Land Information Office (LIO), a realtor or member of the Realtors Association employed within the County, a public safety or emergency communications representative employed within the County, the County Surveyor or a registered land surveyor employed within the County, and a representative from the La Crosse County Information Technology Department (and other Board approved designees). Appointed members serve 3 year terms and office/position holders serve as long as they hold the office or position in the County. The LIC reviews the priorities, needs, policies, and expenditures of the LIO and advises the County on matters affecting the LIO.

Meeting Information

This Special Committee will be scheduled as needed - approximately 2-4 meetings per year.
These dates and times could vary for special circumstances.
For any special meetings or possible changes due to Holidays or other conflicts, check the agenda.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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Committee Members
  • Mari Pietz, Land Information Office Representative
  • Pam Hollnagel
  • Margaret Larson
  • Cory Lynch
  • Cheryl McBride
  • Bryan Meyer
  • John Parshall
  • Brian Stephan
  • Amy Twitchell