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Hillview Health Care CenterHillview Terrace Assisted LivingCarroll Heights


Welcome to Hillview Health Care Center!

Hillview Health Care Center is a 110 bed nursing home nestled

beneath the bluffs at 3501 Park Lane Drive in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

We are a modern health care facility operated by La Crosse County.

Quality care provided in a family friendly environment. The

residents and their families are our best ambassadors to the La

Crosse community. With the help of these ambassadors, we have

established a reputation for providing quality and compassionate care. Our staff take pride in

building warm, trusting relationships with residents and families. We have the capacity to provide

fine technical care, but never lose sight of the need to also offer respect, emotional support and

compassion. The residents rate the food and entertainment as outstanding. During the summer

many families and residents take advantage of our beautiful setting and enjoy our outside walking

paths. Deer, ducks, geese, and many other animals are found on our campus. Check out a Music and

Memory Audio Clip highlighting one of our new programs!


Our Mission:

The primary mission of Hillview Health Care Center is to create and sustain services delivered in a compassionate manner that respects the unique needs and lifestyles of those in our community.

Our Philosophy:

Our goal is to provide quality care.  This includes the best medical, restorative and therapeutic care possible by finding opportunities for accomplishment and independence for each person.  This will be provided for all persons regardless of race, color, creed, nationl origin, or sex.



Why was Hillview Chosen for your loved one?
"This was a natural transition from Carroll Heights where mom lived for the past 14 years."