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Carroll Heights Apartments - FAQs

What exactly is the Emergency Call Cord?

There is a pull cord in each bathroom at Carroll Heights which acts as a BUDDY system. It will sound a bell on the floor you are on, along with a light that will turn on above your apartment door. Other tenants will see that you need help and call 9-1-1 or designated family for help. Hillview staff are not able to perform any medical care. 

How much is the washer and dryers and where are they located?

There is a washer and dryer on every floor which are centrally located by the elevator and floor lobby. The cost for the washer is 1.00 and dryer is 1.00 They are used on a first come first serve basis.

How is rent decided and how often is the rent raised?

The rent for each apartment is based on the square footage. They are not subsidized. The rent is adjusted annually.

What if I would like to eat at night or on the weekends?

You may order a guest tray from the front desk at Hillview for an additional cost.  These meals are available for breakfast, lunch or supper. Holiday meals would need to be pre-ordered through the Hillview receptionist and are and additional cost per meal.  

Just a reminder that all tenants are able to utilize the larger group activities offered at Hillview such as the church services, music, bingo, and beauty shop (additional charge).  Sorry, not the outings or special meals.  Please ask if you have any further questions!