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Hillview Terrace - FAQs EEO House

What is the eligibility criteria?
  • Be 62 years of age or older
  • Be able to accept risk and sign an agreement; is competent and does not have a guardian or activated POA
  • Be able to make care decisions or share apt with competent spouse or other with legal responsibility
  • Be capable of recognizing danger, summoning assistance and expressing need
  • Be generally alert and oriented to time, place and persons
  • Be capable of acceptable interaction with others without aggressive or combative behaviors
  • Require fewer than 28 hours of services per week from Hillview Terrace
  • Not have medical condition that requires immediate availability of a nurse (24) hours a day
  • Be able to move about safely with or without assistive devices such as canes, walkers, etc.
  • Be able to assist in transfer (no two-person transfers or use of a mechanical lift for transfer)
  • Be able to follow the facilities house rules, policies and procedures
  • Be able to eat without supervision or assistance
  • Be continent of bowel and bladder or else be on a successful SELF-managed incontinence program.
  • Allow the facility to conduct a comprehensive pre-admission assessment, financial and background check; admission may be denied based on the outcome of these checks
  • Tenant/family required to maintain responsibility of making medical appointments and for escorting and transportation of tenants to medical appointments; unless part of service agreement
  • Provide to the facility: Evidence from a physician that potential resident is free from communicable disease; TB test;
  • Evidence of financial viability for at least 2 years 

What is a Residential Care Apartment Complex?

A Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC) is a form of housing with services available to seniors in Wisconsin. Hillview Terrace has many services available, including: assistance with care such as bathing, dressing, grooming and nursing services such as medication reminders and set-up, meals, help with laundry and housekeeping.
The best part about living in a RCAC is that you may move into an apartment while still healthy and independent and continue to live there even if you need some services brought into your home.

How does an Assisted Living RCAC differ from a Nursing home?

Hillview nursing home offers 24-hour a day nursing care. Rooms are either private or semi-private; as are the bathrooms. Other living areas, such as living and dining, are shared common spaces.

Hillview Terrace offers separate apartment/units with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space. Each apartment locks to ensure tenant's privacy.

What has to happen before entering Hillview Terrace (or starting to receive services)?

Before a tenant may be "admitted" to Hillview Terrace, there are several documents that must be completed by the facility and/or tenant.

If Hillview Terrace Nurse recommends a certain level of service based on the assessment, does the tenant have to agree to receive these services?

No. The tenant is the final decision maker about what services they will receive.  It will likely be noted in the risk agreement that is signed by both parties.

How do tenants pay the monthly rates for Hillview Terrace?

Tenants can pay for the services with their own resources. Other options to cover the cost of RCAC service may include long term care insurance, if available or Family Care services, if eligible.
The Aging and Disability Resource Center staff will discuss Family Care options and eligibility standards with tenants in more detail.

Will I be able to eat lunch at anytime or is it a set time every day?

We will have breakfast in the mornings that will run for an extended period of time; approximately 8:00-9:15; although one may come down for breakfast before or after those times and still be served. Our lunch will be available anywhere from 11-1:00 and supper from 4:00-6:00. Again one may come down for lunch or supper before or after those times. We will have alternatives for you to choose from, if you are not there for the main meal. We want Hillview terrace to be your home, we understand everyone's schedule is different.

Will there be assigned seating in the Dining Room during meal times?

Terrace Dining will not have assigned seating. People can choose to sit in a different spot each day if they would like. We encourage people to mix it up and get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Will there be activities to keep us busy?

There are a variety of leisure programs available.  A calendar is posted monthly outside the dining room.


I have family from out of town, is there a place we can enjoy a family meal together?

Yes, we do have a private dining room located on the first floor. This room can be reserved at no cost for special occasions and get-togethers. You can order guest trays or bring in food to enjoy with your family.

What does a "SMOKE FREE CAMPUS" mean?

We do not allow anyone to smoke on our grounds or property. We also do not allow smokeless tobacco or E-cigarettes. If you smoke, you are able to smoke in your own vehicle. We appreciate all those that follow and understand our commitment to a smoke fee campus.

Do you have a place for out of town guests to stay?

Yes, we have two options at our Carroll Heights building. We offer a guest room or a guest suite. Call  (608)785-5500 for availability.