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Condition and Reliability Performance Measures for the National Highway Performance Program (NHPP)


The National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) is a core Federal-aid highway program that provides support for the condition and performance of the National Highway System (NHS) and the construction of new facilities on the NHS. The NHPP also ensures that investments of Federal-aid funds in highway construction are directed to support progress toward the achievement of performance targets established in a State’s asset management plan for the NHS.

State Targets


Local Performance

The table below reports the pavement and bridge condition and travel time reliability in the metropolitan planning area (MPA) for 2018 and 2019.

More than 75% of Wisconsin and 70% of Minnesota Interstate pavements in the MPA are rated “good.” Just under 2% of Wisconsin Interstate pavement in the MPA is rated “poor.”

Although non-Interstate NHS pavement rated "good" in the Wisconsin portion of the MPA dropped 2.57 percentage points from 2018 to 2019, the percentage of pavement rated "poor" also dropped (2.34 percentage points). The percentage of pavements in the Minnesota MPA rated “good” for the non-Interstate National Highway System (NHS) went up slightly from just over 65% in 2018 to nearly 69% in 2019. Minnesota has no pavement in the Minnesota portion of the LAPC planning area rated "poor."

All the bridges in the Minnesota portion of the planning area and just over 56% of the bridges in the Wisconsin portion of the planning area are rated “good.” Less than 1% of bridges (1) in the planning area are rated “poor.”

Travel time reliability in the planning area as calculated by the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory is 100% for the Interstate, 90.4% for the non-Interstate NHS, and 1.25 for the Interstate truck travel time reliability index.