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Register of Deeds

Electronic Recording of Documents

Electronic recording of documents via the internet began in the La Crosse County Register of Deeds office on March 25, 2009.


Benefits of electronic recording:


  1. Document submitters can prepare and transmit documents to the Register of Deeds quickly.
  2. Fewer errors are made on the part of the document submitters and the Register of Deeds staff because of software system requirements.
  3. Document submitters get immediate feedback when their documents have obvious errors.
  4. Document submitters receive recorded documents immediately after they are recorded and do not need to wait weeks or months, or possibly even lost by the US Post Office.
  5. The Register of Deeds can review documents for statutory requirements and immediately send back any documents that do not conform to law. Notes can be added explaining the problem(s) and the documents are sent back to the customer electronically.
  6. The Register of Deeds can process the documents with the push of a button. The e-Recording system records, receipts, partially indexes, "scans" and "mails" back the document image in one operation. Whereas it would normally take 24 hours to get the document recorded, indexed and scanned, that process takes only seconds with electronic recording.
  7. The historic intent of the notarization process is restored, adding a new level of reliability to documents.
  8. Staff time, printing materials, gas, mileage, and postage are saved for you the customer and the Register of Deeds office.



If you would like to take advantage of recording documents electronically, please contact one of our eRecording vendors:


Customer Service for Simplifile: 800-460-5657 or [email protected]


Customer Service for CSC: 866-652-0111 or [email protected]


Customer Service for EPN: 888-325-3365 or [email protected] 


Customer Service for Indecomm Global Services: 877-272-5250 or [email protected]