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Register of Deeds


Fees are governed by Wisconsin Statutes and are uniform throughout the State.

Recorded Documents

Recorded documents will be returned to sender or designee.

  • Deeds, Mortgages, Land Contracts, Satisfactions, Lis pendens, etc. and Miscellaneous Documents:
  • Entitled to be recorded in the Register of Deeds Office
  • Cost - $30.00 Flat fee per document.
  • Probate Transferring Joint Property through Register of Deeds Office
  • Termination of Joint Tenancy
  • Cost: $30.00
  • Copies of Documents:
  • Copies of recorded documents are $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page, plus $1.00 for certificate if a certified copy is requested.
  • Fees must be received, before copies are sent out.
  • Plat copies are $2.00 for the 1st page, $1.00 for each additional page if on legal or ledger size paper. For a plat size copy it is $10.00 per page.

  • Subdivisions: $50.00
  • Cemetary Plats: $50.00
  • Condominium Plats: $50.00

Real Estate Transfer Fees
  • A transfer form and fee or exemption number is required for all conveyances EXCEPT when exemptions 1 or 10m apply.
  • Form is to be completed in detail..
  • Current rate of fee is $3.00 per $1000 of value rounded off to the next higher hundred. See form for exceptions..
  • Valuation must be shown when documents are exempt except if exempt under 77.25(3) and (10).
  • Transfers involving rental property must be accompanied by a stipulation, waiver, or Certificate of Compliance Form..
  • Parcel identifier number must be on the form.

Vital Records Fee Schedule
  • Birth Certificate $20.00
  • Marriage Certificate $20.00
  • Death Certificate $20.00
  • Divorce Certificate $20.00
  • Each additional copy ordered at the same time as the first copy $3.00