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land records


Register of Deeds

Plat Guidelines

Condo declarations and amendments are not plats but must be compatible with the information on the condo plats and addendums.

Checklist for Condo Plats and Addendums:

  1. Name is unique and exactly the same as on the declaration
  2. Name of condo and the county on each sheet
  3. Recording space on first sheet
  4. Sheets consecutively numbered
  5. Survey & Certificate of surveyor licensed in Wisconsin
  6. Legal description - same as in declaration
  7. Plans showing location of each building located or to be located on the property
  8. Plans showing dimensions of each unit (only outside dimensions required) [Small Condos only require building dimensions as per 703.11(2)(b)]
  9. Common elements shown to extent feasible [only LCE required for Small Condo] NOTE: Common elements may be described in a variety of ways with letters, numbers and descriptive words but must include words "common elements" and/or "limited common elements"
  10. Legibly prepared on 14" by 22" white durable paper
  11. Unit numbers designated & unique throughout condo - 8 numerals or less - no alphas
  12. Note: Plat may NOT be folded

Checklist for Condo Declarations & Amendments:*

  1. Name is unique and exactly the same as on the plat
  2. Name must include the word "condominium"
  3. Return name & address and PIN condo is made from
  4. Address of the condominium
  5. Owner's intent to subject property to condo declaration
  6. Statement of purposes, use & restrictions for buildings & units [not required for Small Condo - as per s.703.365 NOTE: Small Condo is 12 units or less]
  7. Legal description - same as on plat
  8. General description of units (unless none are planned)
  9. General description of common elements including LCE if any
  10. Percentage interest appurtenant to each unit [not required for Small Condo]
  11. Voting provisions [not required for Small Condo]
  12. Name & address of registered agent [not required for Small Condo]
  13. Notarized signature(s) of declarant(s)
  14. Drafted by statement
  15. Unit numbers, (including any parking & storage units) same on declaration & plat.
  16. Legibility disclaimers on copies of plat maps if attached

Checklist for Subdivision Plats:

  1. Plat name unique within La Crosse County
  2. Permanent black image on durable white media 22 by 30 inches. The text and line-work must be legible and reproducible as per 59.43(2m).
  3. Wisconsin DOA Plat Review Certificate of No Objection (check for letter from DOA also)
  4. Offered for recording within 12 months of last approval and within 36 months of first approval (by local authority)
  5. Certificate from surveyor, owner & treasurer (local & county)
  6. Approval of local authority (town, village or city clerk signing)
  7. If in unincorporated town, chair of County Zoning Committee signs
  8. Legal description of land the plat is made from
  9. All lots and outlots within a block & though-out the plat are consecutively numbered
  10. Minimum 2.5" x 2.5" recording space Subdivision name on each page and pages numbered