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Lakeview Health Center and Assisted Living
962 Garland St. East
West Salem, WI 54669-1308
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Lakeview Health Center - Nursing Home

Paul Kaiser
Paul Kaiser, CSW

Social Worker
Cedar Lane, Garden Terrace, Meadowview & Northwood
(608) 612-0596
[email protected]

Anne Dayton
  Anne Dayton, C.T.R.S.

   Household Coordinator
   Cedar Lane & Garden Terrace
   (608) 612-0576
   [email protected]

Kari Coaty
Kari Coaty, C.O.T.A.

Household Coordinator
Meadowview & Northwood
(608) 612-0583
[email protected]

Northwood, Cedar Lane, Meadowview and Garden Terrace provide long term care.

Residents are encouraged to participate in daily living activities and staff on all living areas are dedicated to developing personal connections between staff, residents and family members. Each household is smoke-free.

Lakeview offers Specialized Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for residents who qualify for this program. For more information, contact Lakeview Health Center Admissions at 608-612-0637.

Nursing Home First Time Visitor Information Sheet

Lakeview Health Center Brochure

Photo Gallery
Received June 2023

We are grateful for the outstanding care ***** received at Lakeview.

Received June 2023

Lakeview was such a perfect fit for her.  Please tell the rest of your staff that we appreciated their care & patience with *****.

Received February 2023

To the entire staff, nurses, aides and dedicated care takers, on behalf of the entire family, we would like to thank you all for the kind and loving care you have given our special husband, dad and grandpa over the years.  It was very important and gave us peace of heart, to know he was being cared for so well and being respected over the time here.

 Received November 2020

From the family of a resident
Thank you so much for all you are doing! God Bless Always.

Received November 2020

Thank you for your tireless efforts and ongoing hours providing excellent care and keeping the resident of Lakeview safe. We appreciate each and everyone of you. Please enjoy this small treat on us and keep your chins up! Please do not hesitate reaching out to us. Thank you.

Received November 2020

From a resident's daughter
Thank you, Lakeview (staff) Super Heroes!! You all are so amazing! I am so thankful for all that you do for Mom. I know she is well taken care of physically & emotionally. Can't thank you enough... From the bottom of my heart. Thanks.

Received September 2020

From a resident's daughter
Thank you for all the excellent care that all staff are taking in caring for the resident & keeping them safe. Please telll all staff they are greatly appreciated & a big thank you to all.

Received April 2020

Greetings to all of you at Lakeview Heath Care, We want to thank you, all of you, those involved with the care, safety and well being of all the residents - all you nurses, nursing aids, therapists, and those you cook and serve AND those who clean all the rooms... the added responsibilities of wiping down every exposed surface. What a job! God Bless all of you. You are a special treasure to those who can't care for themselves. We remember each night in our prayers, those who are in hospitals and nursing centers and for those who care for them.

Received January 2020

From a resident's daughter
To the wonderful Lakeview team, Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude at the amazing care you all provided to my mother during her stay at Lakeview. The final year of her life was made so much better because of each and every on of you. Always know that the work you do here matters.