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Health Department



Beach Water Quality


We monitor water quality at beaches from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Check conditions before going in the water, avoid contact with blue-green algae, and stay out of the water if signs posted "closed for swimming."


Beach Alert

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we test water at the beaches below.  We test for E. Coli bacteria to protect swimmers and other recreational water users.  If a water test is concerning, the beach will close for swimming until levels of E. Coli bacteria go down.



Before Swimming

  • Always look at the water around you before you get in.  Conditions can change quickly, and a test result may not always reflect the current water quality.


  • Avoid swimming after a heavy rain because bacteria levels in the water may be high.


  • Avoid contact with Blue-Green Algae blooms.  They may look blue-green, green, reddish-purple, or brown, and cause the water to be murky.


  • Do not swim or let your pet swim if algae is present, and you are unsure if it is blue-green algae.



Water Conditions

Safety and the bacteriological quality of the water at the area beaches are checked frequently throughout the season in La Crosse County.  When the concentration of fecal coliform (e-coli) in the water sample collected exceeds acceptable standards, the beach is posted with either a "Warning" or it is "Closed."  The current status of the beaches is listed below.  If the results are not current, you can call 785-9872 for more information.


The sampling reflected in the image below was collected June 10, 2024.





For information on the Beach Monitoring and Assessments coordinated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, click here: Beach Monitoring and Assessments | | Wisconsin DNR


Know Before You Go

Often when one beach is closed for swimming, others are open.  Check before you head out the door.

Beach Safety Tips | | Wisconsin DNR










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